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Plight of the UDRS

Play ebbed and flowed on the second day at the Gabba, so I left it until the end of the third day to write an update.  A near-flawless cover for my lazy maintenance of this place if hadn’t opened this update like this.

James Anderson bowled like a man possessed with the new ball in the morning session, only to be let down by a moment’s duff umpiring from Aleem Dar and even duffer use of the Umpire Decision Referral System system.

Now the UDRS system is fantastic when things go your way, but can be absolute heartbreak when you have no challenges left and you trap a well set batsman dead in front, and the umpire rejects your appeal, as Burnley’s favourite Arsenal supporter discovered earlier today.

It seems I’m going to remain cynical about the system, namely since at club level cricket you’ll never be able to replace “we batted/bowled/fielded like utter tards today” with “we didn’t use our referrals correctly and it cost us”, as an excuse for your team getting rolled over.


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