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Told you so about England

If England had battered Bangladesh  yesterday, rather than engage in an incredibly tense run chase leading to a two wicket win for Bangladesh, it would have been bad for the tournament.  Bangladesh may yet not qualify for the quarter finals, but victory over England at least means that they were spared another barrage of stones from the mental supporters that you might come across occasionally on the sub-continent.


England save the World Cup

At least, it seems like they’re doing this on their own.  No match involving Group Captain Strauss and co. has ended up being a damp squib, not even the matches with the cricketing minnows.

So what if that’s meant they managed to lose to Ireland when defending 300+, limited over cricket’s meant to be about these nerve-jangling affairs, not teams fielding seven batsmen and batting away the contest before the other team begins their chase.

Pakistan go back to the 90s

Keeping with their tendency to turn out in a new kit with every international tournament, Pakistan have unveiled the latest offering from Boom Boom.

Whereas the previous design followed the principle of ‘less is more’, it looks like the team who designed this one seem to have failed to settle on what shade of green to use for the majority of the shirt, so therefore settled on a compromise which involved using all of them.  Yet somehow, they managed to omit the shade of green often associated with Pakistani success in the World Cup, lime-green.

This indecision over the use of a single shade for the majority of the shirt means that, all I could think of when I first saw it was the kind of kits you’d find in the Endsleigh League back in the early 1990s, which given the return of corruption in the cricketing spotlight, perhaps it’s somewhat appropriate.

The World Cup’s length

The ICC have been keen to stress that measures have been taken to avoid the 2011 edition of the World Cup suffering from the same nonsense that made the 2007 abomination what it was.  Of course, the main problem with that tournament was its length, made evident by the face that I must have visited the hairdresser some three times between Shaggy performing ‘The Game of Love & Unity’ at the opening ceremony and the debacle involving umpires and lights in the final, something which they claim won’t be a problem this time round.

Given that ODIs still suffer from those boring middle overs sections as well as the inevitable flattening of the associate nations, will this make following the competition any less painful?  If you were forced to listen to Joe Pasquale read Tolstoy’s War & Peace to you, but were reassured that he was reading it quicker than he normally would, would you be any less likely to try and snatch the book from him and try to beat him unconscious, even if it was in paperback format?

Boasting about the length of the tournament isn’t going to work when one can generate a list like this, consisting of things that might take as much time and be just about as bearable:

  • Previously mentioned Joe Pasquale reading of War & Peace.
  • Listening to Genesis’ discography (Turning the volume up when Phil Collins takes over lead vocals).
  • Watching all six Star Wars films with George Lucas providing commentary throughout.
  • A road trip across America with Richard Hammond in a pedal car.
  • Having an argument with Douglas Murray. (Topical!)

Suddenly the all new shorter World Cup doesn’t seem as appealing.

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