South Africa – India: table topping clash of titans

With all the Ashes fever making everyone a bit giddy, it’s quite easy to forget that South Africa are hosting a series against India at the same time.  None of those daft Gladiator style adverts for this series, which can only be a good thing.  It’s a meeting of the #1 and #2 ranked Test nations, so it should hopefully provide us with an interesting contest, as opposed to the Ashes where one side is doing a fair bit of soul searching while the other is coming to terms with actually being quite alright.

South Africa can’t overtake India if they win the series, so they’ll simply have to go about showing why they should be top of the rankings.  India meanwhile, will have to use this series to prove what the #1 side in Test cricket should be able to do, win abroad consistently.

Or is it just a bit unfair to expect that, given how good former #1 team Australia used to be?


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