T’Ashes Heroes #2 – Allan Border

Such was his role in Australia’s recent dominance, that Cricket Australia award their player of the year with a medal with his name on it.

One of few Australians to come out of the 1981 Ashes with his reputation enhanced, Border spent the first half of the eighties accumulating runs in the middle order.  After the West Indies caused Kim Hughes to run off crying like a schoolgirl who’d been called fat, he was made captain, leading Australia to several defeats, notably the home Ashes series in 1986-7.

Now I’m not sure if Border’s some kind of wizard, or if he did some kind of deal with the devil which involved his soul, but when he had his team agree that this sort of defeat would never happen again, he was damn right.  England haven’t won an Ashes series in Australia since, nor have they come out of one looking like they could have.

Further evidence of Border’s skills in wizardry comes in the form of the Chennai Test from 1986, where he tricked Dean Jones into scoring 210 runs, despite having chundered his entire body weight during the innings, by suggesting that he wasn’t a real Australian.

Was also Australia’s leading run scorer in Test cricket until that angry little imp Ricky Ponting overtook him recently.

T’Ashes Hero Moment

Not really a moment, but Australia went on a streak 18 Tests without losing against England under his leadership.  He also scored an unbeaten double hundred during this period, pretty badass.


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