England’s Ashes Squad – Wicket Keepers

Matt Prior’s pretty much established himself as England’s premier glove man, which is some recovery after that horror show performance against Sri Lanka a few years ago.  Such is his reversal, and Tim Ambrose’s downward spiral in form, you’d think Prior has done some sort of deal with a sinister character involving his soul or something.

Interestingly, his Wikipedia article is the second search result from ‘Poor Wicket Keeping’ (Kamran Akmal is and probably will always remain a pair of teflon palmed gloves ahead), despite clear signs of improvements in that area over the last 18 months.  His batting remains a rather handy trait to possess.

The selectors have also continued to resist calls from various parts to include James Foster as back up keeper, instead choosing to take Steven Davies to come along for the ride and to play in a warm up match or two (unless Prior breaks a finger), and rightly so.  What better way to keep all forms of momentum going than to have a keeper who is very similar to your first choice – one who is good with the bat and may occasionally fumble a few takes.  But he bats left-handed, oh good lord.


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